Our dancing school is located in the small village of Viksjöfors in Hälsingland, Sweden.

Everyone who enjoys dancing is welcome to join Viksjöforsbaletten: children as well as adult, advanced dancer as well as beginners. The classes usually take place on weekday evenings and on Sundays.

Exchanges and international projects
Viksjöforsbaletten is firmly involved in several programmes of the European Union and also other exchange programmes. Therefore the members get the chance to join exchanges all over Europe and also our project partners will come and visit Viksjöfors.

The basic idea of the programmes is to attract project participants from different cultures to vitalize the small community and to give young dancers on both sides the opportunity to broaden the horizons. Viksjöforsbaletten has erlier also been apart of The European Voluntary Service, both as host organization and as sending.
Up to now there have been volunteer from France, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Austria, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Armenia, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Georgia, Slovenia, Ukraine and The Netherlands in our organisation.

In the first warm days of the year a “DANSFORUM” takes place in Viksjöfors. For this festival all ex- and present partners are welcome to introduce the international aspects to our countryside festival in Europe. The forum is opened by a parade, through the village with all the dance groups. Later a colourful programme is shown. The week before this final performance different workshops and residences are offered which allow everyone various non-formal learning and also language practice. Year 2019 we welcome Erasmus+ project DIAGONAL FOR CULTURE (Cyprus, Poland, Sweden) and STYGGBO RESIDENCY (Taiwan, Japan, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Greece, Malta, Italy, The Netherlands, Finland...)

In Viksjöforsbaletten we focus on:
- physical training (dance)
- aesthetic dimension (choreography)
- integration (wheelchair dance, dance for mentally disabled, multicultural project)
- international activities

Contact us:


Idrottsvägen 8
82895 Viksjöfors

Half-a-year fee to join dance classes: 350 SEK
Bg 5873-7727