Dansforum June 6th, 2018

Dansforum in Viksjöfors is a yearly dance festival in Hälsingland countryside where people from around the world gather to share dance. On stage you can see everything from contemporary dance, ballet to folkdance and breakdance.
There will be 2 stages with dance - inside and outside, free danceworkshops and much more!

Do you want to be on stage?
Send a mail with number and name of performance/s (up to 5 min) to:


Foto: Kristoffer Jäderberg


Stay for free in our facilities, send us a mail to viksjoforsbaletten@telia.com with how many you are and how long you will stay (dates around May 27th, 2017)
Remeber to bring sleepingbag, pillow and matress

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Edsbyns Hotell:

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Dansforum is sponsored by:
Ovanåkers kommun
Kulturutveckling Gävleborg